Spazabd E-commerce Website

I have created websites for two of my ventures.

Spazabd: https://www.spazabd.com

(Shoe shop/Footwear Store)

I have posted details about Artboard’s website previously: https://www.facebook.com/iaaflan/posts/2908990396031901?notif_id=1620931617200994

Spazabd Features:

1. Users can log in (optional) to create orders, view products, add to cart, buy-in specific quantities, automatic shipping charge calculation, and payment methods.

2. Aesthetic frontend to attract artistic mindsets

3. Category-wise products, robust search functionality.

4. Product history, automatic invoicing, and auto emailing to the customer

5. Progressive web application, you can install the website as an Android, iOS, or Desktop Application/Software, so when you have slow speed/no internet connection, you can still view and navigate the website just like you can do as an app.

6. Shop filtering, category searching, quick view, wishlist, add to cart functionality.

7. Product-wise extensive description, media viewer, review system(only if the customer buys the product)

8. Website load time is under 1000ms, with accessibility and superior user experience.

9. SSL Secured, with image optimized to take around 75% reduced size compared to traditional websites.

10. Track orders, change passwords, user information, billing, and shipping details.

11. Login, forget password feature

12. Elaborated product management system with stock and inventory management.

13. Contact us feature with contact form

14. Admin, user role-based permission system

15. SMTP Protocol for enterprise email system (Supported Gmail as of now, but scalable to any SMTP service provider)

16. JavaScript, CSS, HTML minification to reduce rendering time up to 45%.

17. Mobile Application to manage orders

18. Redx delivery tracking system

19. User ticket system for complaint management

20. Facebook Messenger Bot Integration

21. Mobile-first designed, with mobile responsive, with all browser supports. Tested as of now on (iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S20+, Moto G4, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, MacBook, Dell Inspiron on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari)

22. Bulk Management

23. Bulk product upload, delete, modifications

24. Elaborated Inventory Management System

25. Quick view, cart mode

26. Monthly, Yearly Reports, product wise

27. In-Depth Analytics about posts, engagement, user traffics

28. Admin, Team Management System

29. Blog System

30. Youtube API Integration to view latest youtube videos

31. Login and password policy and compliances integration

32. Image optimization for faster loads (Webp Images)

And much more.

**If you are interested in volunteer for more elaborated testing, feel free to inbox me

**If you are interested in making an eCommerce website for yourself, let me know.

**If you have additional questions, feel free to let me know.

Also, please feel free to take constructive criticism. I am always open to suggestions.


I have posted details about Artboard’s website previously: https://www.facebook.com/iaaflan/posts/2908990396031901?notif_id=1620931617200994

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