Ifaz Ahmed Aflan

Google Certified
UX Designer

Highly scalable solutions to all B2G, B2B & B2C problems

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Google Certified UX Designer, the unicorn!

Product Design

I design scalable enterprise or end-level consumer-based product designs that meet user experience, business requirements, and technical feasibilities.

Mobile Application Design

I design mobile applications with 8pt soft design and mobile application design guidelines (Material Design, UIKit, Fluent, Neumorphism, Skewmorphism, Flat Design, Glassmorphism, Auroramorphism etc.)

Design System

I build design systems and design guidelines for a consistent experience, branding, and faster product development.


I build highly scalable e-commerce, portfolio, landing websites with numerous features as per the requirements. The project can range from single page landing page to multi-vendor multi-platform e-commerce platform such as Amazon, Alibaba etc.

Video Editor

I create professional AVs that clients can demonstrate to a stakeholder. The client can show the videos to customers to showcase projects, memories, features, as video is the most impactful way to increase reach.


I create highly professional, to the point, analytics-based presentations that will catch the reader's attention while successfully fulfilling the motive to the readers.

Web Application Design

I design web applications using grid & 8pt design systems, which are fully convertible to picture-perfect designs.

Web Application Development

I convert designs to pixel-perfect code using web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS, Bootstrap etc.). These designs are responsive and compatible with different browser versions.

UI/UX Research

I conduct research, propose a better solution, designing UI, creating high fidelity prototypes, wireframes, sitemaps & information architecture.


I create logos, icons, posters, social media contents such as cover post, profile, page, groups, f-commerce contents, e-commerce contents, optimized SVGs, PNGs for web & mobile applications, which reduces the load time of applications using Adobe Suite

Marketing & Web Hosting

Running Facebook ad campaigns to bring out maximum ROI. Preparing web hosting for web applications using FTP and other hosting methods with SSL secure connections.

The Unicorn

From UX research, UI Design to picture-perfect frontend development with scalable code. Sounds too good to be true? That is why it's called unicorn!



Web Developer,
Wunderman Thompson
  • Design banners, posters, landing pages, EDMs, advertisements, CRMs for fortune 500 companies.
  • Iterative version controlling with multiple teams of designers and developers. 
  • Converting requirements into designs, eventually into HTML, CSS depending on the requirements.
  • Ensure project deliveries in due time with highest quality of design and coding with high scale design practices.
Software Engineer,
Reddot Digital Limited
  • Spearhead the design of enterprise-level systems (e.g. CRM, CMS, ERP, AISOC, EIR for IoT, MFS, Telecom, SOC) for Robi Axiata Limited and RedDot Digital Limited.
  • Evaluate current market trends, modern techniques, and business requirements to develop scalable product interfaces for web apps; converted interfaces to picture-perfect front end.
  • Direct a team of developers across wireframing, prototyping, and A/B testing.
  • Create and maintain all documents, including Project Requirement, Business Requirement, User Acceptance Testing, and Ready for Service.
Frontend Developer,
  • Architected a front end application with a custom theme, creating a clean user flow and better user experience via WordPress, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • Prepared Client-Side and Admin-Side Demos;
UX/UI Designer,
  • Redesigned the entire website from the scratch to serve more users.
  • Define project scope and objectives to effectively designate project resources and prepare budgets; monitor and report on progress to stakeholders. 
  • Documented user feedback on the website while performing data entry and database updates.
UI/UX Researcher (Intern)
  • Conducted website tests to identify bugs, fix issues, assess UI, and optimize usability.
  • Documented user feedback on the website while performing data entry and database updates.
Android Application Developer (Intern),
  • Supported automatic SMS system development and android application development with a focus on enhancing the availability of technology and the usability of the internet of things (IoT).

I’m using modern methods in my work.

Below is the skill-set that I am confident showcasing. Note that I have calculated confidence level in percentages against each skill based on my comfort level compared to product design (also a way to flex animation).

Product Design
Web Design
Mobile App Design
Web Application Development
UX/UI Design


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Those who earn the Google UX Design Certificate have completed seven courses, developed by Google, that include hands-on, practice-based assessments and are designed to prepare them for introductory-level roles in UX design.
Certification: Google UX Design Certification
Google UX Design
Google // Coursera
LinkedIn Learning: Completed a 48-hour course on Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery. Certification: linkedin.com/full-stack-ui-ux
Full Stack UI/UX
LinkedIn Learning

Coursera: Completed four courses covering important topics, such as Information Architecture, Sitemaps, User Persona, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, and Journey Maps.

Certification: coursera.org/ux-ui

UX/UI Specialization

Coursera: Completed five courses covering important topics, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Web Design, User Centric Design, and Mobile First Design.

Certification: coursera.org/webdev

Web Development Specialization


Professional awards and honors I've received.

>> Exceeds Expectations & Critical Resource
1. Completed all of my KPIs within the projected time with exceptional agility & performance.
2. Recognized as Exceeded Expectation, for managing 6 different projects at the same time while maintaining audits of all the projects and deliverables..
3. Recognized as "Critical 1% resource for the company" due to volume and diversity of workload and demand vs delivery reports..

Awarded by Red.digital Limited, an 100% Robi IT Company
>> 🌐 ADL AI Hackathon, 2021
1. 3rd position in an international AI/ML based hackathon.
2. Worked in UX/UI, Frontend and Business Presentations.
3. Amazon Web Service (AWS)’s CTO, handed over the award to on the online seminar,.

Awarded by Axiata Digital Lab. National newspapers also shared our journey in details: The Financial Express BD's Coverage
>> Outstanding Agility, 2021
Delivered expected deliverables and more within the project deadline

Awarded By Robi Axiata Ltd.
>> Outstanding Performer, 2020-2021
1. Completed all of my KPIs within the projected time with exceptional agility & performance.
2. Recognized as an outstanding performer, who not only met KPI criteria, also surpassed personal & project-oriented goals.
3. Became the only one out of 200 employees who got awarded as an outstanding performer.

Awarded by Robi Axiata Ltd.
>> Robi Top Learner, 2020 - 2021
1. 9Th Position among 1500 participants on the Robi Top Leaner Program of 2020.
2. Recognized as the only fresher among the top 10 learner

Awarded by Robi Axiata Ltd.
>> Outstanding Agility, 2020
1. Awarded outstanding agility
2. Delivered 5 projects within or before the delivery timeline

Awarded By Robi Axiata Ltd.
>> Best performance, December 2018
1. Awarded for finding crucial bugs and testing
2. Found best solutions within the deadlines.

Awarded By Chologhuri.com
More to come..


I had the opportunity to closely work with Ifaz Ahmed throughout his journey as a Software Developer and UX specialist. I started mentoring him at the beginning of his undergraduate studies. Ifaz is a humble and dependable person to whom you can assign a task and trust it will get done within the shortest period of time. I like his attitude to learn new things and upgrade his skills no matter how busy his schedule is. I recently had the opportunity to work with him on a multi-vendor e-commerce website. He finished the website in a week with the minimal guideline, from end to end. Ifaz is my go-to person when I need UX feedback or a discussion around frontend technologies. I highly recommend Ifaz Ahmed to those employers who are looking for humble and passionate employees to whom the sky is the limit.

Rahbee Alvee
Senior Software Engineer @Deputy

I worked along side Aflan, at Robi Axiata Ltd. and he never failed to impress me. He is the type of person who seems to have a never ending amount of tricks up their sleeve. Right when you think you've seen the best of his abilities he quickly shows you that he's so much more. First off, Ifaz Ahmed Aflan has a natural gift for design, user experience and client workflows. He is also an excellent team player, quickly shifting focus from one department for another as they all clamor for his assistance. Aflan is also just an awesome person to work with, he's fun, hard working and extremely talented. He is great at UX Research, UI Design, prototyping and converting them into picture perfect code. I couldn't recommend him any more highly for any position in Product Designer, UX/UI Design. He would be a great asset to any organization. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about my experience working along side him.

Kayes Ahmad Khan, CSPO®
Manager, Digital Service, IoT & VAS at Robi Axiata Limited

I had the pleasure of working with Ifaz Ahmed Aflan at Reddot Digital Limited Ltd. His ability to manage the full project was unlike any I've seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. He has excellent knowledge in UX/UI, IoT, Robotics & Cloud Computing. He is also very passionate about learning new technologies.

Ifaz would be an asset to any company. As a team member, he earns my highest recommendation.

Hasan Mahmud
Specialist at RedDot Digital Limited (A Robi Axiata Subsidiary)

I had the opportunity of working with Ifaz in the same group. I have seen his exceptional design skills while working in few projects. He is hard working and never lags behind in his deliveries. He has the potential to achieve the peek in his skill sectors as he go forward in his career.

Nusrat Momtahana Milo
Associate Developer at Unico

Ifaz is one of the brightest and most creative guys I have met. Having the opportunity to see him work for so many years , I have been left in awe several times by his skills in designing and decorating seemingly anything you give him. He's most definitely a valuable asset to his company and a very helpful colleague to his coworkers.

Mohammad Mohaiminul Islam
Software Developer at Robi Axiata (Red.Digital)


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Kalyanmoy Debnath
Vice President,
DSIV, Robi Axiata Ltd.

Email: kalyan@robi.com.bd

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kalyanaktel

Ali Ahsan Md Mujahid
Lead DevOps Architect,
ITP, Reddot Digital Limited

Email: ahsan.mujahid@reddotdigitalit.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ahsanmujahid/

Dr. Hasanul Kabir
Professor, Dept. of CSE,
Islamic University of Technology
Md Mosfiqur Rahman
Lead DevOps Architect,
MFS ITP, Reddot Digital Ltd.
Moshiul Huq Rabbi
Lead DevOps Architect,
MFS ITP, Reddot Digital Ltd.
Yamin Mowla
DSIV, Robi Axiata Ltd.

E-mail: yamin.mowla@robi.com.bd

Mobile: +8801817183518

Rahbee Alvee
Senior Software Engineer
Asif Iqbal
Co-founder & Creative Lead,
Kayes Ahmad Khan
DSIV, Robi Axiata Ltd.
Jysan Aziz
Lead Software Developer,
Manager, Reddot Digital Ltd.


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