Artificial Intelligence SoC – Redesign

AISOC takes in all the users, services & server-based complaints and assigns the complaints to respected users automatically while providing other powerful features such as user management, services management, server management, analytics using AI, tasks management, and more.

My Contributions
  1. User Research
  2. Existing UI Research of current
  3. Scalable product design so that We can use it for other organizations.
  4. User Persona Development
  5. Sitemap Creation
  6. Information Architecture
  7. Website UI Design based on Information Architecture
  8. A/B Testing on designed UI
  9. Design to code conversion
  10. User Acceptance Testing

Tools & Technologies
  1. Jira
  2. Adobe XD
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Adobe Illustrator
  5. HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  6. Git Github, Gitlab
  7. jQuery
  8. Bootstrap 4
  9. Excel, Powerpoint